Earned Pay Access &
Financial Empowerment
We want our customers to enjoy the freedom money can
provide with the peace of mind that comes from living
within one’s means. We combine earned wage access with
features that encourage financial responsibility.
Earned wage access to pay bills, rent or groceries
Spending Plan and Cash Flow analysis
NOBO Points System rewards smart money decisions
Community-Powered by
by People like You
We’re Stronger together
Since we don’t charge mandatory fees or interest we rely on community
good-will to maintain our 0% interest commitment. By using our service
responsibly and tipping fairly you pay it forward for the next person and
help NOBO and the NOBO Community stay healthy.
No mandatory fees
Voluntary and transparent
Who we are...
For Canadians, by Canadians
We at the NOBO Team are a diverse group of proud
Canadians that make it our business to serve Canadians from
all walks of life regardless of their age, ethnicity, religious
beliefs, sexual preference, gender identity, or credit score.