We are NOBO

Our Vision

We envision a future where more
consumers enjoy financial lives filled with
happiness and peace of mind.

Our Mission

To build a community-powered financial services
platform that helps workers access credit
responsibly while being rewarded for savvy
financial decisions.

Why We Made NOBO

In today’s world, you can work hard yet feel frustrated that you can’t seem to get ahead. Just when you’re able to save a little bit of money, your car decides it needs a repair, or it’s back to school timefor your kids
Traditional financial companies like banks and payday lenders thrive in an environment where customers struggle to make ends meet. Banks make a lot of money off of overdraft and NSF fees, and payday lenders charge unreasonably high borrowing fees.
We don’t think it’s right to send people into a downward spiral.
We are a diverse team of proud Canadians working every day to build something that reflects our values: fairness, trust, and transparency. We’ve made it our business to serve Canadians fromall walks of life regardless of their age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual preference, gender identity or credit score.
We provide 0% interest cash support that is community-powered by tips. The tipping system is voluntary and fully transparent. We encourage Canadians to use our services responsibly by combining cash support with easy to use tools and a NOBO TrustScore rewards system that rewards sensible money decisions.

We Stand for…


We’ll honor our commitments, and we’ll
give you choice in
how you interact with us.


You can trust us to do what we say we’re
going to do, and to
keep your best interests
at heart. In turn, we’ll trust you to use
NOBO responsibly.


No Hidden Fees.
No Hidden Motives. Ever.