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How it Works
Get Approved
Fast, easy and secure. Link your bank account
using our secure platform. We’ll analyze your
income and spending in milliseconds. Your data is
protected by bank-level security (AES-256, TLS)
and is never shared.
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Boost Your Account
Get up to $300 with same-day e-transfers, 24x7.
No interest, no fees, just tip what you can to
support NOBO and the NOBO Community. Your
tip will not be withdrawn until you settle up.
Settle Up
After your paycheque arrives NOBO will debit your
account by the amount Boosted, plus your tip.
After settling up you’ll be able to access a Boost
again when you need it.
Perks and Rewards
Overdraft Protection
Turn on Overdraft Shield to monitor your
balance and upcoming bills. If you risk
overspending NOBO will Boost your account
to reduce the chance paying NSF fees.
Spending Plan
Get a clear picture of how much you
have and where it’s going so you can
make better spending decisions.
NOBO Points
Earn NOBO points for settling up and
maintaining a positive cashflow. As your
points grow you’ll earn larger Boosts
and chance to win special prizes.